Forest thinning may provide water benefits downstream

Congratulations to the team from the Center for Hydrologic Innovations that was recently featured by ASU News! Center director Enrique Vivoni described the effort as: “Applied innovation projects, such as this effort in forest health and water resilience, translate research into actions for the benefit of our renewable water supplies. Not only does our work…

Center highlighted in 2024 Year in Review for Arizona Water Innovation Initiative

The Arizona Water Innovation Initiative (AWII) featured our efforts during the 2024 Year in Review, including our partnerships with Salt River Project, Central Arizona Project, and Arizona Hydrological Society. See additional information at the link below

Center efforts with Planet featured in Arizona Water Innovation Initiative

The Arizona Water Innovation Initiative (AWII) featured our efforts with the satellite imaging company Planet with respect to water supply and demand estimates in Arizona. See blog at the link below

World Water Week at CHI

The Center for Hydrologic Innovations celebrated World Water Week 2024 with two events: (1) A joint seminar with the Arizona Hydrological Society, Phoenix Chapter with Prof. Jay Famiglietti on March 20, 2024, who spoke on “How Climate Change and Human Activities are Shaping Global Freshwater Availability”, and (2) The ASU Water Institute launch event on March…

Lab and field efforts featured in ASU Thrive Magazine

ASU Thrive Magazine features the laboratory and field efforts of students and staff from the Center for Hydrologic Innovations in their March 2024 issue to illustrate water research in Phoenix for an article entitled “Don’t Flee the Southwest Just Yet” by Tom Zoellner:

ASU-Planet Seed Grant Awards

Congratulations to the faculty and postdoctoral associates of the Center for Hydrologic Innovations (Dr. Zhaocheng Wang, Dr. Jay Famiglietti and Dr. Enrique Vivoni) for being award three inaugural ASU-Planet Seed Grants! These efforts will provide Arizona with detailed descriptions of snow cover changes, crop type and biomass responses to drought, and downscaled groundwater storage variations…

Hydrologic monitoring efforts featured in ASU End of Year video

“A Brighter Future For All” includes footage from Center graduate students Ruby Hurtado, Jose Becerra and Zachary Keller (MS 2021) on efforts for monitoring Arizona’s water for stewardship, conservation and sustainability goals. See video at the link below:

Mapping our water reserves for the future

Congratulations to Center professor Jay Famiglietti who was recently interviewed by ASU News on his work and thoughts regarding the state of Arizona water and tracking it from space: “We are having a moment here in Arizona in which I feel the stars and the planets are aligned so that we can make great progress…

J. Hydrology Publication

A new publication in Journal of Hydrology (Ansh Srivastava and Mascaro, 2023) describes the use of weather radar products of precipitation to obtain intensity-duration-frequency characteristics in central Arizona. Congratulations to authors associated with the Center for Hydrologic Innovations!

ASU Flow 2023

A Water Year Event for Researchers and Practitioners. The Arizona Hydrological Society, Phoenix Chapter, and ASU’s Center for Hydrologic Innovations have partnered to bring the water community together to celebrate the start of the water year at ASU’s Walton Center for Planetary Health. This will be a unique opportunity for ASU students and researchers to meet practitioners from…