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Journal Articles

The Center for Hydrologic Innovations builds on the efforts of our faculty, researchers, and graduate students since 2020 in the support of our programs, solution spaces, and tools. The following organization of our peer-reviewed journal articles is based on science and engineering topics with contributions from all of our labs.

Urban Climate and Land-Atmosphere Interactions

Kindler, M., Vivoni, E.R., Perez-Ruiz, E.R., and Wang, Z. 2022. Water Conservation Potential of Modified Turf Grass Irrigation in Urban Parks of Phoenix, ArizonaEcohydrology. 15(3): eco.2339.

Vivoni, E.R., Kindler, M., Wang, Z., and Perez-Ruiz, E.R. 2020. Abiotic Mechanisms Drive Enhanced Evaporative Losses under Urban Oasis Conditions. Geophysical Research Letters. 47: e2020GL090123.

Perez-Ruiz, E.R., Vivoni, E.R., and Templeton, N.P. 2020. Urban Land Cover Type Determines the Sensitivity of Carbon Dioxide Fluxes to Precipitation in Phoenix, ArizonaPLOS One. 15(2): e0228537.

Precipitation and Streamflow Characteristics

Mascaro, G. 2024. On the Power of Popular Two-sample Tests Applied to Precipitation and Discharge Series. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment. (In Press).

Ansh Srivastava, N., and Mascaro, G. 2023. Improving the Utility of Weather Radar for the Spatial Frequency Analysis of Extreme Precipitation. Journal of Hydrology. 624: 129902. 624: 129902.

Mascaro, G., Papalexiou, S., and Wright, D. 2023. Advancing Characterization and Modeling of Space-Time Correlation Structure and Marginal Distribution of Short-Duration Precipitation. Advances in Water Resources. 177: 104451.

Rahill-Marier, B., Devineni, N., and Lall, U. 2022. Modeling Spatial Fields of Extreme Precipitation – A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 26(21): 5685-5695.

Huang, J., Fatichi, S., Mascaro, G., Manoli, G., and Peleg, N. 2022. Intensification of Sub-daily Rainfall Extremes in a Low-rise Urban AreaUrban Climate. 42: 101124.

Farris, S., Deidda, R., Viola, F., and Mascaro, G. 2021. On the Role of Serial Correlation and Field Significance in Detecting Changes in Extreme Precipitation FrequencyWater Resources Research. 57: e2021WR030172.

Mascaro, G. 2020. Comparison of Local, Regional, and Scaling Models for Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency AnalysisJournal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. 59(9): 1519-1536.

Hydrological Processes in Watersheds and Natural Ecosystems

Alonso Vicario, S., Hornberger, G.M., Mazzoleni, M., and Garcia, M. 2024. The Importance of Climate and Anthropogenic Influence in Precipitation Partitioning in the contiguous United States. Journal of Hydrology. 633: 130984.

Keller, Z.T., Vivoni, E.R., Kimsal, C.R., Robles-Morua, A., and Perez-Ruiz, E.R. 2023. Hillslope to Channel Hydrologic Connectivity in a Dryland Ecosystem. Ecosphere. 14(11): e4707.  

Vivoni, E.R., Perez-Ruiz, E.R., Scott, R.L., Naito, A.T., Archer, S.R., Biederman, J.A., and Templeton, N.P. 2022. A Micrometeorological Flux Perspective on Brush Management in a Shrub-encroached Sonoran Desert GrasslandAgricultural and Forest Meteorology. 313: 108763.

Perez-Ruiz, E.R., Vivoni, E.R., and Sala, O.E. 2022. Seasonal Carryover of Water and Effects on Carbon Dynamics in a Dryland EcosystemEcosphere. 13(7): e4189.

Vivoni, E.R., Perez-Ruiz, E.R., Keller, Z.T., Escoto, E.A., Templeton, R.C., Templeton, N.P., Anderson, C.A., Schreiner-McGraw, A.P., Mendez-Barroso, L.A., Robles-Morua, A., Scott, R.L., Archer, S.R., and Peters, D.P.C. 2021. Long-term Research Catchments to Investigate Shrub Encroachment in the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts: Santa Rita and Jornada Experimental RangesHydrological Processes. 35: e14031. 

Groundwater Changes and Sustainability

Zeng, R., Yao, C., Cai, X., and Haacker, E. 2023. Temporal and Spatial Pattern Change in Evapotranspiration Over the High Plains: The Impact of and Guide on Extensive Groundwater-Fed Irrigation. Water Resources Research. 59(12): e2023WR035004

Liu, P-W., Famiglietti, J.S., Purdy, A.J., Adams, K.H., McEvoy, A.L., Reager, J.T., Bindlish, R., Wiese, D.N., David, C.H., and Rodell., M. 2022. Groundwater Depletion in California’s Central Valley Accelerates During Megadrought. Nature Communications. 13: 7825.

Adams, K.H., Reager, J.T., Rosen, P., Wiese, D.N., Farr, T.G., Rao, S., Haines, B.J., Argus, D.F., Liu, Z., Smith, R., Famiglietti, J.S., and Rodell, M. 2022. Remote Sensing of Groundwater: Current Capabilities and Future Directions. Water Resources Research. 58(10): e2022WR032219.

Surface Water Detection and Characterization

Wang, Z., and Vivoni, E.R. 2022. Detecting Streamflow in Dryland Rivers using CubeSatsGeophysical Research Letters. 49(15): e2022GL098729.

Wang, Z., and Vivoni, E.R. 2022. Mapping Flash Flood Hazards in Arid Regions using CubeSatsRemote Sensing. 14(17): 4218.

Agricultural and Watershed Management

Wei, S., Xu, T., Niu, G-Y., and Zeng, R. 2022. Estimating Irrigation Water Consumption Using Machine Learning and Remote Sensing Data in Kansas High PlainsRemote Sensing. 14(3): 3004.

Sridharan, V.K., Kumar, S., and Kumar, S.M. 2022. Can Remote Sensing Fill the United States’ Monitoring Gap for Watershed Management? Water. 14(3): 1985.

Sadri, S., Famiglietti, J.S., Pan, M., Beck, H., Berg, A., and Wood, E.F. 2022. FarmCan: Developing a Physical, Statistical, and Machine Learning Model to Forecast Crop Water Deficit at Farm Scales. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 6(20): 5373-5390.

Infrastructure and Hydrologic Extremes

Larrauri, P.C., Lall, U., and Hariri-Ardebili, M. 2023. Needs for Portfolio Risk Assessment of Aging Dams in the United States. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 149(3): 04022083.

Shrestha, A., Mascaro, G., and Garcia, M. 2022. Effects of Stormwater Infrastructure Data Completeness and Model Resolution on Urban Flood Modeling. Journal of Hydrology. 607: 127498.

Garcia, M., Yu, D., Park, S., Iravanloo, B. M., Bahambari, P. Y., and Sivapalan, M. 2022. Weathering Water Extremes and Cognitive Biases in a Changing ClimateWater Security. 15: 100110.

Underwood, B.S., Mascaro, G., Chester, M.V., Fraser, A., Lopez-Cantu, T., and Samaras, C. 2020. Past and Present Design Practices and Uncertainty in Climate Projections are Challenges for Designing Infrastructure to Future Conditions. Journal of Infrastructure Systems. 26(3): 04020026.

Urban Monitoring and Green Infrastructure

Shrestha, A., and Garcia, M. 2023. Influence of Precipitation Uncertainty and Land Use Change on the Optimal Catchment Scale Green Infrastructure ConfigurationJournal of Sustainable Water and the Built Environment. 9(2): 04023001.

Lara-Valencia, F., Garcia, M., Norman, L.M., Morales, A.A., and Castellanos-Rubio, E.E. 2022. Integrating Urban Planning and Water Management through Green Infrastructure in the United States-Mexico BorderFrontiers in Water. 4: 782922.

Helmrich, A.M., Ruddell, B.L., Chester, M., Bessem, K., Chohan, N., Doerry, E., Eppinger, J., Garcia, M., Goodall, J.L., Lowry, C., and Zahura, F. 2021. Opportunities for Crowdsourcing in Urban Flood Monitoring. Environmental Modelling and Software. 143: 105124.

Infrastructure Operations, Planning and Policy

Wiechman, A., Alonso Vicario, S., Anderies, J.M., Garcia, M., Azizi, K., and Hornberger, G. 2024. Institutional Dynamics Impact the Response of Urban Socio-Hydrological Systems to Supply Challenges. Water Resources Research. 60(2): e2023WR035565.

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Garcia, M., Ridolfi, E., and di Baldassarre, G. 2020. The Interplay between Reservoir Storage and Operating Rules under Evolving ConditionsJournal of Hydrology. 590: 125270.

Colorado River Basin Modeling with Stakeholders

Whitney, K.M., Vivoni, E.R., and White, D.D. 2023. Enhancing the Accessibility and Interactions of Regional Hydrologic Projections for Water Managers. Environmental Modelling and Software. 167: 105763.

Whitney, K.M., Vivoni, E.R., Wang, Z., White, D.D., Quay, R., Mahmoud, M.I., and Templeton, N.P. 2023. A Stakeholder Engaged Approach to Anticipating Forest Disturbance Impacts in the Colorado River Basin under Climate ChangeJournal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 149(7): 04023020.

Whitney, K.M., Vivoni, E.R., Bohn, T.J., Mascaro, G., Wang, Z., Xiao, M., Mahmoud, M.I., Cullom, C., and White, D.D. 2023. Spatial Attribution of Declining Colorado River Streamflow under Future WarmingJournal of Hydrology. 617(C): 129125.

Xiao, M., Mascaro, G., Wang, Z., Whitney, K.M., and Vivoni, E.R. 2022. On the Value of Satellite Remote Sensing to Reduce Uncertainties in Regional Simulations of the Colorado RiverHydrology and Earth System Sciences. 26(21): 5627-5646.

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Hydrologic Modeling and Assessments in Arizona

Guan, X., and Mascaro, G. 2023. Impacts of Climate Change on the Food-Water Nexus in central Arizona. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 333: 109413.

Mascaro, G., Hussein, A., Dugger, A., and Gochis, D.J. 2023. Process-based Calibration of WRF-Hydro in a Mountainous Basin in Southwestern U.S. Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 59(1): 49-70.

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Machine and Deep Learning Modeling

Hariri-Ardebili, M.A., Mahdavi, G., Nuss, L.K., and Lall, U. 2023. The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies in Dam Engineering: Narrative Review and Outlook. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence. 126: 106813.

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Xu, T. and Liang, F., 2021. Machine Learning for Hydrologic Sciences: An Introductory OverviewWiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water. 8(5): e1533.

Surrogate Modeling of Hydrologic Systems

Li, P., Xu, T., Wei, S., and Wang, Z-H. 2022. Multi-objective Optimization of Urban Environmental System Design using Machine Learning. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. 94: 101796.

Ivanov, V.Y., Dwelle, M.C., Xu, D., Sargsyan, K., Wright, D., Katopodes, N., Kim, J., Tran, V.N., Warnock, A., Fatichi, S., Burlando, P., Caporali, E., Restrepo, P., Sanders, B., Chaney, M., Nunes, A.M.B., Nardi, F., Vivoni, E.R., Istanbulluoglu, E., Bisht, G., and Bras, R.L. 2021. Breaking Down the Computational Barriers to Real-Time Urban Flood ForecastingGeophysical Research Letters. 48(20): e2021GL093585.