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Introducing the Center for Hydrologic Innovations

Change is the only constant… Are you ready?

Contact the Center for Hydrologic Innovations at Arizona State University to discuss how our sensing, predicting and analyzing tools can inform your water resources challenges. We work with partners across many sectors, including water utilities, engineering firms, consulting groups, resource management agencies and developers, to develop tailored water solutions.

Dr. Enrique R. Vivoni

Director, Center for Hydrologic Innovations

Fulton Professor of Hydrosystems Engineering, School of Sustainable Engineering and The Built Environment

Senior Global Futures Scientist, Global Futures Laboratory

Passionate about bringing innovations in predictions, observations, and data analytics to the realm of water resources decision making.

Contact information as we build out the center


Walton Center for Planetary Health

777 E. University Dr., Room 418

Tempe, Arizona 85287-8704

Direct Questions to:

Enrique Vivoni ([email protected])

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